Self Aware

by Andrés

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I offered my music to all of these labels
I offered my heart up to all of these models
and I got rejected by both, but you still see me up on stage
Doin' My Thang! Yeah yeah!
So come with me, I just might have the cure for your passion
I know your lacking inspiration but dat ass need a smackin!
There's a billion boys and a billion girls, and a billion songs, I think we're wasting time....

Like a dentist in Seattle are my antics hard to handle?
Unfortunately the money I should've spent on you... I spent it at the strip club:(

Congratulations! You're self aware
And you still idolizing dollar sign B****es
Congratulations! You're self aware
And yet you act against your own self interest

I told yo mama that she can rest assured, her girl's in "good hands"
and yo mama just smoked a cigarette and said,
"You're the man! what's the plan?'Cuz I know that you got arrested last week but my daughter just showed me your new shit and I think it's real neat so... If you really wanna make a name for yourself, I would suggest that you handle your alcohol before you kill yourself! Don't underestimate the influence that pussy-power has on you, boy you must be listening. Don't underestimate the influence! Don't be out here wasting your time on bad bi***es kissen' 'em!"

Congratulations! You're self aware
And you still idolizing dollar sign B****es
Congratulations! You're self aware
And yet you act against your own self interest
Congratulations! You're self aware
You're driving "wet and reckless" after the party?!
Congratulations! You're self aware
You're twenty three man why you at a high school party????!?

selena, it's been a while since I've seen yah
I booked my album release show up in Fresno, hoping my friends could meet yah
after the show I waited for you at Bobby's but you never came

It's funny 'cuz I've been more out of control than I've ever been in my whole life
And Sometimes I wonder if I would give all that shit up if you'd been by my side
It's funny 'cuz I could assume why you stopped talking to me and started to hide
It's funny that being aware of yourself doesn't make a "respectable guy"

Congratulations, yeah you fucked it up beyond belief
There's a pretty christian girl who likes you down the street
And she's baking cake for you without milk and eggs
You could be with her but you want "twitter girls" instead
Congratulations, yeah you're mommy bailed you out of jail, honestly you've never even seen a glimpse of "hell"
'Cuz your mommy and daddy supported you with hearts and their wallets, and you just spend their money on your drunken frolics

Congratulations you're self aware


released October 31, 2017
Written and Performed by Andres Aparicio
Drums written and performed by Allen Casillas
Engineered by Allen Casillas at the Lion's Den Studios in Montebello, CA
Engineered by Anthony Razo at The Frame Recording in Whittier, CA
Produced by Allen Casillas
Produced by Andres Aparicio
Digital Editing by Allen Casillas
Mixed and Mastered by Josh Benton
Cover Art by Cameron Green


all rights reserved



Andrés Bakersfield, California


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