Strange Memories On This Nervous Night

by Andrés

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soycafeaulait thumbnail
soycafeaulait I love Andres so much... these songs never got old and always get me in the feels!!
EMMETT thumbnail
EMMETT didn't mean to buy... sure glad I did Favorite track: Sunday School.
Denii thumbnail
Denii Andres has a completely unique yet relatable sound with catchy hook and quirky insightful lyrics grabbing you in every chance it gets.
It's not often you run into such a raw talent who's just as satisfying and lively during live performances.
Cody Cox
Cody Cox thumbnail
Cody Cox Andres has matured a lot. He makes the "inaccessible" accessible. Perfect blend of math rock here. He stays true to his roots! Favorite track: I Know A Place.
Louie Baltazar
Louie Baltazar thumbnail
Louie Baltazar Been a supporter of Andres for a long time now and each release becomes better and better. But the one thing that doesn't change, is the fact that every song has a catchy hook or lyric that makes you sing along with your friends in the car. Don't sleep on this homie, he's a great songwriter and a fantastic dude. ❤ Favorite track: Quinn.
Kon Darp
Kon Darp thumbnail
Kon Darp I ran at the speed of sound in seawater to listen to this album, and it does not dissapoint. That rare combo of accessible and catchy but with technicality and depth.
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released April 7, 2017

Written and Performed by Andres Aparicio
Drums and Percussion written and performed by Allen Casillas
So Much Light verse on Bad Boy written and performed by Damien Verrett
Produced by Allen Casillas
Additional Production by Andres Aparicio and Casey Bates
Digital Editing by Allen Casillas
Executive Produced by Anthony Razo
Guitar Tech by Anthony Razo
Mixed and Mastered by Casey Bates
Engineered by Allen Casillas at the Lion's Den Studios(Montebello, CA)
Additional Engineering on tracks 1 and 8 at Big Bad Sound Studios(Los Angeles, CA) by Jack Ruley
Additional Engineering on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 at Pus Cavern Studios(Sacramento, Ca) by Joe Johnston
Additional Engineering on track 10 at Bright Lights Studios(Tehachapi, CA) by Roger Camero

Artwork by Joel Kirschenbaum
Logo by Peter Schreve


all rights reserved



Andrés Bakersfield, California


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Track Name: Bad Boy
I open my eyes, you start "waking and baking", you know that I hate it
I'm leaving tonight, I'm driving out of state, call me a hypocrite
"It's not the same I just sell it!"

I decide I'm done with you
I just laugh and you just see it all as rude
I just find another girl

Bad Boy
I swear my heart is good I just have tendencies to be a...
Bad Boy
Just stop me if I'm breaking your heart in two
Bad Boy
I swear my heart is good I just have tendencies to be a...
Bad Boy
Just stop me if you feel you're turning "bad" too

I drive us out to the east side, if you see a cop we'll hide
I'm not "dry", I'm at a .05, but I'm still on probation...
And that's unforgivable?!

I think you're a pretty girl
I can tell you want me too;)
But you just want my brown skin
Don't you have a boyfriend?
Maybe you're as bad as me?

Bad Boy
Whatcha Gunna Do?

(So Much Light)
You get what you paid for
Hope you got what you came for
I don't know what you expected
I thought you liked misdirection?
If I'm honest(I thought you liked it)
You don't want me honest(I thought you liked misdirection)
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Settle
I should've known I was gunna be let down as soon as you came around
But you said that I wouldn't be let down as soon as you came to town
But I took a chance, just to see what you offered
But you made a mess and I don't wanna fix it..

I don't trust people that write their feelings on the internet
I've seen the way you keep your television on all day
I don't trust people that put opinions above their head
I've seen the way you hate yourself...

I'm not crazy about your "story"
I don't wanna settle

I think it's funny that you think you can tell me what to do
My "best interest", you said that you had it
But this mess you made... I ain't gunna have it!?

She said, "What you got?!"
I said, "I ain't got the time to text you back, 'cause I've been working on myself lately"
I said, "What you got?!"
She said, "I know that I shot you a couple times, but I can cauterize the wounds baby"
She said, "What you got?!"
I said, "Why you always gotta be dramatic like we're stuck inside a movie setting?!"
I said, "What you got?!"
She said, "Boy I tell you if this were a movie, you'd be settling for me already!"

I'm not crazy about your "story"
Matter fact I got my own "story"
I don't wanna settle:)
Track Name: I Know A Place
Finally I understand what she gets when she stands in front of the mirror with her phone in her hand and a hand on her hip popped as far as she can
It started with magazines and it ended with bright lit screens but I'm 22 and got shit to do
I shouldn't be wasting my time on shit like this

Come with me to smash our smart phones and suffer in silence
Come with me to smash our smart phones and suffer in private

I can tell that you don't linger at my table 'cause you think I'll tip you nicely
(and not the other way...)
But I see you see those other boys don't see what I see
But baby trust me it all started with indie flicks and it ended with "late-night licks", but I'm 22 and not sure if I should be spending my time on shit like this

When my well's low all I need is a shovel
There's nothing that a little digging won't fix

I know a place
Track Name: Darth Binks
You used to get mad, when I wouldn't buy you cigarets
Now you get mad, that I don't care enough to advise you to quit
I understand that you've had it all
Your beautiful self grew up in seven oaks
I understand that you need to bawl
But you need to know that you got other options to smile

I don't know if you didn't notice you're getting too old
Getting too old for these habits and "Feeling All Sad" shit
I don't know if you didn't notice that you are the culprit for why you ain't happy, so stop with the "Sad Shit"

Stop the car and drop me off, I've had enough of your sad story

Trust me I can tell you're dry
You've had a boyfriend ever since you were fourteen
No wonder that you need a man to be happy

I understand that you've had it all
Whenever you're thirsty, they bring Fireball
I understand you just want him to call...
But you need to know that you've got other options to smile

Stop the car and drop me off, I've had enough of your sad story
Shut your eyes and take a breath, think of someone else for once
Track Name: Sunday School
I gotta say I hate everyone of your boyfriends
I should've been there after all of your "one-night stands"
Dressed in black with that dude's neck in my right hand
A neuralizer in my left, so he will forget

What you look like naked, that was always only for me to know
From the moment you were born I swear you were always only for me to know
If only me and you had stayed in sunday school
I might've had the chance to be your only fool

I gotta spend less time on the internet
Less time listening to that "ignorant trap-shit" that they play in the suburban middle-class parties that I spend too much time in
I need to be sober, I need that promiscuous shit to be over
I need you to know I'm the man so go tell all the boys that they'll never come over

If you find yourself all alone, maybe I can come over later

And I ain't no suckaaaaaa, I won't give you the time of day unless it's face-to-face, not a keyboard-to-keyboard but face-to-face
not a notification, but face-to-face

My Spock senses are tingling, they say that you are being, a little illogical
I'll take you out to Los Osos, to the Montana de Oro, I'll park up out in the forrest, where you can smell all the flores
If you need to change, I'll look the other way(haha yeah right)
And the next day, we'll be fine, 'cause you know I'll say...

She said, "Don't think you're right about this moment"
I said, "Don't take a picture of this moment"
If it's real, it'll last, longer than the attention you get on the internet
If you ever find yourself all alone, we don't ever have to make shit complicated, I'll be over later

I'ma do more than just stop by!
I'ma do shit like yoda and "not try"
I'ma do more than stop by BABY
I'ma do shit like yoda and "not try"
uh ugh uhg ugh!
Track Name: Quinn
I met your father, he said he sold cars and he makes a lot of cheddar
I knew your mother, she wore a dress last night, we all agreed we wanted her

Oh the way you puff on your "cig"
All the people here must be watching you

Dating boys who dropped out of school
Nowadays they just clean your pool

I'd rather just see somebody, then force it upon myself
I'd rather just get a feeling, then waste time with someone else
I always knew that you'd run off with some boy who'd live in his office
Always knew that you'd end up with kids and a suburban coffin

I met your boyfriend, I asked him if he minded that you still post pictures of your bare skin on the internet, for all the other boys to see

Oh the way you sip on your drink, all the people here must be watching you

Showing your skin to everyone doesn't make you desirable

I've come to find the realest boys don't feed into an outside image
Come to find the realest girls don't feed into an outside image
Come to find that you and I don't really have that much in common
Come to find I've learned to mind a sexy waist with "half a mind"
Track Name: Mr. November
I can tell that you're not home
You're eyes can tell me that alone
I drove all the way from Bakersfield to be with you
I put up with your father just so I could be with you

You left the keys in my car, you also left the light on...
But I don't make you feel bad, I just kiss your forehead...

I would never want to change a thing
I would do it all over again

You for sure rocked my world, sexy, hipster, "tumblr girl"
I used to take Olive(st) just to hear you say my olive skin was all you needed, the skin upon my knees burned on the carpet
We argue like your last name is long overdue
I used to be obsessed with making sure I'm always "right"
But ever since I met you, I just wanna make things "right"

You called and asked if I was with some girls you don't like
I lied and said they're not here, and I've just had one beer
I always wanted you to do things "right"
But here I am and I ain't doing "right"

I hope you never want a thing to change, 'cause I would do it all over again

You can tell that I'm not home
My eyes can tell you that alone
You drove all the way from LA just to be with me
you put up with my bullshit just so you could be with me
Track Name: Salty
I heard you got a new man
I bet he don't mind when you smoke up in his car
You got a new man, oh oh
I bet he don't mind cleaning all your dirty dishes
Got a new man, oh no...
I wonder if he knows that you don't love yourself
You got a new man, oh no..
I wonder if he knows that he was second choice
You got a new man OH NO
I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad you got a new man... oh no?
My best friend says that I'm reacting like a bi(tc)h

Salty baby I'm salty, I'm not saying I'm sorry
I admit my ego's hurting, I remember
Sometimes you weren't "that bad", sometimes you made me "happy"
Now I picture you doing that shit with him I'm... (salty)

Already got a new man
It wasn't enough time to forget about driving you home from the beach
"Are you cold baby? Tell me I'll turn up the heat... Why'm I talking you already fell asleep?"
Waken up in the drive-thru at in-n-out
"Baby I got yo ass something to eat!"

Life's funny like that, I'm buying drinks for a girl I work with and you got a new man

Salty baby I'm salty, I'm selfish and I'm naughty
The last thing I deserve to be is..
Salty, but I'm so salty, I'm selfish and I'm naughty
The last thing I deserve to be is...

Salty give it a few weeks, I'll probably be less salty
I know it's not mature to be so salty
Shouldn't be salty, honestly I'm just jealous to see a new guy make you happy:)
Track Name: La Habra
You're friends all give me that "you better not hurt her" look
You must've told them what we did last week in your hammock
And she said, "Jump in the pool boy with all of your clothes on"
That works for me, you'll see...

I can tell you want me all alone
But we just settle for dancing dirty on the floor
I can tell you want me all alone
Are you a good girl when your parents aren't home?

Your friends all give me that "you better kiss her tonight" look
"But stop there, don't you dare get her inside her birthday suit!"
But trust me...
We do this shit like "Titanic"(the movie)
The "car-scene" we did in the hammock(see verse 1)
And I spin you round and round keeping you up on your toes(like that one scene where they're dancing to the Irish music and getting drunk with the poorer people on the ship..)
Ice-burg ahead of us!
We're already drowning in "Endless Lust"
I haven't danced like this since my High School Prom
But there's no chaperones here to stop us now!

You just want "The Brown Boy"
And I just want the "Girl Who Doesn't Spend all of her Time on her Phone"
My hands on your stomach girl
I don't really care if they're watching us

My hands on your stomach girl
I don't really care that they're watching us
My fingers in your belt-loop
I don't even care that they're watching us
Track Name: Puzzle
I don't really think that there could be an end
I almost died last night driving belligerent
I used to fall asleep with headphones in my ears and
Wake up in the morning to a sad song like,
"Oh, Poor Me"

I remember when my homies used to make fun of fat kids
Now they're getting older, getting fatter, and they got kids
When my boy from Lamont(CA) go to school up in LA, and I ain't got excuses to be doing nothing

I don't really think I know my name today, I got a lotta roles to play
I don't have the time to complain
I'm not just a piece, I'm the whole Puzzle

I'm up in the mountains, I'm drinking from fountains, not bottles
Driving on highways, I'm driving the limit on the low, low, low, low
I'm still down for crazy, I'm still down for crazy shit you know me

Don't think I can't breath, just 'cuz you're near me(I got asthma)
Don't think I can't breath, just 'cuz you're near me(We live in the valley)
Don't ever treat me like I'm a piece in your puzzle

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