Once Upon A Time In Bakersfield

by Andrés

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released October 31, 2019

Written by Andres Aparicio
Additional writing by Allen Casillas
Guitar, bass, vocals, keys, midi instrument programming performed by Andres Aparicio
Drums, keys, percussion, midi instrument programming performed by Allen Casillas
Additional writing and vocal performance on High School by Tyler Carter
Tyler Carter Appears Courtesy of Rise Records
Additional writing on "Sonny Wides" by Chanell Hall
Produced, engineered, and digital editing by Allen Casillas at The Lion's Den Recording Studios in Montebello, CA
Additional production by Andres Aparicio
Guitar tech, additional engineering, and additional guitar production by Anthony Razo at The Frame Recording Studios in Whittier, CA
Sonny Wides Produced and engineered by Antony Razo
Lima Heights and Colossal Titan Engineered by Joe Johnston at Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento, CA
Drums on Maybe, Cada Mes, and A Child's Garden of Verses engineered by Beau Burchell
Mixed and Mastered by Casey Bates
Photography by Sergio Necoechea
Layout by Cameron Green

Booking: donovan@arteryglobal.com


all rights reserved



Andrés Bakersfield, California


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Track Name: Coldhives and Screwdrivers
What's the point in getting out of bed today?
Soon as I step outside I break out in hives
I thought I'd be big as Drake by now
But I'm just 25 sitting on 25 bucks
But that's enough for orange juice and vodka

My girl says she wants to get a dog and have my son
but Fuck all that right now I need to make it to the top
My friends have been burdened with my secrets
And even if you found out just how bad I've been it doesn't change that we will die
We're good as dead and that's just life

All my exes packed up all their shit and moved away
Who am I supposed to cuddle with when I come back in town?
Wish I could go back to those days when I was 16
My music's better now... but boy I sure knew how to dream

Some of my fans slander me and drag me through the dirt
I guess they just don't understand how all this really work
You're either with me 'till the end or not at all...
So if you got some shit to say i hope you know it doesn't change that you will die
You're good as dead and that's just life

and I've got a guilty conscious...
I've got a guilty conscience, that's why I take you shopping often
Won't drink out the faucet, but take a stranger's shot and toss it back to where it hurts most... I'm going back to where I hurt most
We all seem to desire more than the necessities
That's why we're never happy, a bunch of spoiled brats you'll see we're throwing lots of tantrums
like kids we need attention
I need another drink
I need another trick
I need a substance that'll bring me to the brink of death, that's when I really feel alive
a suburban boy living a lie
and I've got a guilty conscience
Track Name: Maybe
Maybe I'll be rich and famous by the time I'm thirty
or maybe I'll just give up on music, like it' a hobby
Maybe I'll drink myself into an early casket
or maybe I'll become one of those "reformed addict" pastors
Maybe I take blame for the shitty things I do
Maybe I hold my breath and blame it on the moon ;)

Either way it's not a question if my soul is ever getting saved
Maybe I don't need a tragedy to happen to restore my faith

Maybe I'll just settle down like, "Kids, and House, and Wife:)"
Or maybe end up knocking up a girl and pay the price
Maybe I order an Uber after these beers
or Maybe wake up in a cell just swallowing my tears
At this point it's hard to see which way I will go
Somedays I wake up hot, some days I wake up cold

And I show up to your family gathering with a pair of funny socks
If only they knew how I act on a tour, it would piss everyone off
Maybe I end up in your memory as an enemy, maybe a son or a friend in me?
Maybe I'm crazy or maybe intelligent, maybe irrelevant, maybe I'm prevalent

Maybe I am not in love and this is "Comfortability"
Maybe everything i write is personal, perhaps a simile?
Either way it's not a question if or not my soul is getting saved
Maybe I don't need a tragedy to happen to restore my faith?
Maybe I don't need a tragedy to happen to restore my..
I think that I need a tragedy to happen to restore my....
Track Name: Sonny Wides
Let me be the next drag you'll take you'll feel like shit without me
Fiend for me like I'm your nicotine
I'll deliver you relief

Let me be the next shot you take, I'll burn inside your chest
Savor me, don't let me leave your sight
sip by sip I'm yours
I'm yours....

I promise you that I won't burn out fast
When you think I'm empty I'll still pour another glass

Let me be the silence in the room you shake and try to hide from
fight for me... the demons holding you from love
keeping you away

stay with me like you're already addicted to my sheets
If you leave, your withdrawals are gunna make you come back to me

to me...

I promise you that I won't burn out fast
When you think I'm empty I 'll still pour another glass
I promise you that we won't love in vein
When you think you're just a fading vice I won't give you up
I promise you that I won't love you in vein
When you think you're just a fading vice I won't give you up
Track Name: Cada Mes
By now I know
that my lil' loca loves to tell me "no"
It's fun for her
and she thinks I grew up to privileged
Check your window
'cuz your lil loco's sneaking in at 4(am)
Stole my mom's car
I don't care if she see's it's missing
Quietly I'm putting back the dirty screen
I could never get enough of you
We're kissing with that dirty screen between (ew)

"Andres El Que Viene Cada Mes"
more like...
"Andres, El no puede dejar me"
Siempre esta escribiendo canciones de mi
and the time's we got undressed

By now I know why my lil loca's yelling through the door
She hates my friends
and me when I go hang out with them
There's no need to ever take your anger out on me
Before I leave...

and you didn't hear from me
Until September 14
I let you take me to the beach
and all that shit about me hating you went right out the door
Track Name: Bargain Bin Action Figure
If You saw me now
Would I still be your Superhero or did I not save you when you needed me the most
fair enough...
I'm a bargain bin action figure now
maybe someday I'll find myself back on your shelf again

How dare your parents sell that house that you grew up in without consulting me
I was getting drunk down the street at David's house when I decided to pay your old room a visit... I still knew how to get in through the back
It still smells like candles it was clear that no one was home but I still hoped to find you here...
In your room was a box of things on your floor and a peculiar treasure chest of NOTES... I barely recognized my handwriting...
"Dear mamabear you know that I'm getting very hungry, so I'll be making my way back to your pantry. I'm gunna get me some Sugar and some Honey"
a response in your handwriting saying, "Andres you can't keep skipping Jazz band to give me Spanish lessons"
<3 <3 ;)

But I kept skipping jazz band didn't I sweety?
And we kept ditching school together whenever there was a late start
and I remember how intimidated I was by your mom before she warmed up to me
Or that tri-tip sandwich that I ate at that football game that made my stomach sick and you danced around me to cheer me up

I shouldn't be here right now but I picked up another note in my handwriting saying...
"It's both our faults. I love you. Last night was lovely and I'm so sorry I can't be with you right now but growing up is SO hard. I don't have anything but love for you. Even though we're not together I don't ever wanna feel a great distance between us because no matter what you're my best friend. You make me cry like a little baby, and only you can do that because I have so much for you in me..."

Let the stars align in the way that they're meant to be
I'll never force to love again...
the nights we spent as hedonists in your car making love...
I'll never forget...
I'm "on one" tonight meeting strangers in an empty pool
and you're still stuck in Bakersfield
When I wake up in the morning, no missed calls
just a text that says, "I hope you're ok. I hope you stay safe"
Track Name: A Child's Garden of Verses
I haven't been in love since I was 14...
back then "lots of magic"
Now it's just a checklist of the things I hate in all my exes
Trust me I know that I'm too old to identify with Holden(Caulfield)
But lately I'm feeling everyone is... just... A BUNCH OF FUCKING PHONIES

"pictures, and money, opinions of something
offended, upset 'cuz you can't find your identity"

While we're all out struggling to find our own individuality
yeah I'm still out struggling to find the love I thought we once had...

"Yelling at you 'cuz I saw you talking to your ex-boy in the parking-lot of Me-N-Eds. Never picking up your phone calls when I'm at the park drinking 4 Lokos with my friends"

Maybe it's not magic?
I just miss when my life felt more like a movie...
I've got all these habits
I just miss when I could be happy sober

I was on a path to work "white collar jobs"
on the side, I'd play in Bakersfield's Orchestra
I got mesmerized by Tattooed Vagabonds
playing basement shows at Jerry's Pizza
Now I'm on a path to hell is it too late?
I was mesmerized by strings when I was 8
Now I wait in line at Kaiser for "White Collar" men
to see the "Tattooed Vagabond" who's heart can't mend
Track Name: High School Feat. Tyler Carter
When I held your hand in theatre 10 I found a terrible truth
And I left that night I told Stevie I wanna end up with you
I love the way you find your worth in who you are and you don't give a fuck about the internet
So roll the dice and throw the rice and if I'm really wanting something nice like you I really gotta try
But i'm 25 just give me time to make this money someday you 'gon spend it like it wasn't mine

The jazz-rock superstar takes the pretty little Christian girl to bars
Where they share an IPA on the dance floor and it's funny how they misbehave with so much virtue

I'm glad we didn't meet back in high school
No way of knowing a good thing
I want your rock n roll
You want my soul to soul

My homie swear that he done fell and caught some feelings for you
And now he can't get off this trippin' making feelings for two
Talking 'bout how confident you are in who you are and you don't give a fuck about them other girls
Sign the line and say you're mine
I know that i said that I don't mind but girl I mind
You've been out with other guys and boo that's fine
Just leave all this jealous bullshit in the past

The jazz-rock superstar meets the parents of the pretty christian girl
Right before he takes her out for IPAs
How they have so much to say before they misbehave

How long 'till our lunch breaks coincide
We'll wreck this rec room one more time
Maybe we dance
Maybe we die
Either we we have our own lives
Pardon me that's not romantic
Too old to not be realistic

Maybe your friend doesn't like me
Its not like I'll be losing sleep
I don't need that bitches co-sign
Even if i'm out of line
Track Name: Cul-De-Sac Interlude
blah blah blah
Track Name: Lima Heights
There's no way that I'm going out to the bar with you tonight
It's just not very becoming of me today.
And I'm so gotdamn tired of people asking me
"what have you been up to since high school? I heard you went on tour. Did you come back famous?"

Fuck no, I didn't I guess you could say I made up for the money I lost in experience.
(I still went out and tried it, didn't I?)
I'm driving back to the suburbs with indifference to everyone who thinks they have an opinion.
(You still stayed home and drowned yourself in wine)
I think we're over past due on a revenue.
I'm starting to believe less and less in celebrating without accomplishment.

Maybe its so that you need me as much as I need you.
You'll find out slow that you need me as much as I need you.

Are we real friends or am I an accessory?
A friend is a gift that you give yourself until your enemies.
Yeah, I see how it is... Must we justify our friendship through a pic in the mirror?
Verify it by cyber strangers. My dignity is in major danger.

Maybe its a blessing in disguise that we don't see eye to eye anymore,
I don't feel like touching that much anymore, I'd rather talk.
And I don't feel like drinking that much anymore,
I'd rather think about whats in store in my future.

Shit I should have probably gone to college.
Instead of shows and racking up the mileage.
I know those DIY venues and shows littered in PBRs was lots of fun.
I had no intention of doing that for too long, I had to take it back to the 661.
Last night in downtown Bakersfield at 3am I blew a .09 and spent the night in jail.
It's not supposed to be like this, for god sakes I was an honor role student from Stockdale.
Its not supposed to be like this, I pray they never find out what I send in the mail.
It's not supposed to be like this, a young boy doing crazy shit I'd better never fail.

Somehow I don't mind that I fucked up so hard, life just keeps going...
Somehow I don't mind that I fucked up so hard, life just keeps going..
Track Name: Colossal Titan
Just because they were your friends at the time you started playing shows at Jerry's Pizza, doesn't mean they care to see yah
Just because she was your first love doesn't mean you need to be romanticizing it as if that shit was Mona Lisa
Just because you had a good time on the first night that you got drunk doesn't mean that every time you drink is something special
I know I'm having a hard time of letting go of the fact that I'm too old to afford to be a hedonist in suburbia

But She Complains, "Why don't guys ever ask me what my major is?"
I always make a girl cry when I take her out to Me-N-Eds

It's been about a year, since the last Bakersfield basement show, the locals are asking, "Why do you not play no more? Did you become a ghost? Just to haunt all the boys and girls that you used to know? Is that all you were really meant for?"
I want to be the kind of successful where people who don't get enough attention, look for it in the comment section of my youtube videos
So when you're looking for me, I got places to be I've been working at restaurant, working at regal

I bet you're comfortable with me cleaning up after you when you leave
I bet you didn't know that I myself was comfortable with leaving all this shit behind, "There was a place there was a time"

I saw that fool that jumped me when I was thirteen, the other night at denny's, he was flirting with a crazy asian girl by his side, man he was just as lost and happy, I mean eight years and twenty tattoos later, "Just as Lost and Happy"
That's because ignorant mentality never understands when they've done somebody else wrong
That's because Ignorant Mentality only understands when, "Wrong Be Done to Them", "Man that shit so ignorant"

I bet you're comfortable with me cleaning up after you when you leave
I bet you didn't know that I myself was comfortable with leaving all this shit behind, "There was a place there was a time"

"High School Drama Star" I shouldn't work concessions at the theatre
"Yearbook Future-Rockstar"... I shouldn't be playing the bar

I'm down to do some crazy shit
Whatever it takes to make it
I'm not trying to make you proud
I'm just trying to prove you wrong

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