Heroes, Villains, and all that Jazz

by Andrés

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released November 23, 2018

Written by Andres Aparicio
Additional writing by Allen Casillas
Guitar, bass, vocals, keys performed by Andres Aparicio
Drums, keys, percussion, performed by Allen Casillas
Additional vocal performance on "Boys in the Van" by Allen Casillas
Additional writing and performance on "Spanish Mami" by Danny Strain and Aaron Delgado
Produced, engineered, and digital editing by Allen Casillas at The Lion's Den Recording Studios in Montebello, CA
Additional production by Andres Aparicio
Guitar tech, additional engineering, and additional guitar production by Anthony Razo at The Frame Recording Studios in Whittier, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Casey Bates
Photography by Sergio Necoechea
Costume design by Rachel Perez
Costume by Andres Aparicio and Cameron Hertzog
Layout and logo by Cameron Green

Booking: donovan@arteryglobal.com


all rights reserved



Andrés Bakersfield, California

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Track Name: Andrespacito
I was the love of your life
you weren't even close to mine
Good luck settling for the rest of your life
'Cuz I have learned to love myself more than you could and I've got bigger things to do
I was the artist to sign
It's not my fault y'all slept on me
The music y'all got will soon be out of style
And I will prosper 'till the end 'cuz I'm the Son of Mother Sound


At the moment it's 2017 and I get as much attention as an average girl posting "booty pics"
Man I really need to do something about this shit...
I should just rap like this: "I should just take your bich"
I should get money and "thicc" girls to be up in my videos, I had a homie who tells me he thinks he knows what I should do...
"Cover a song and put it on Youtube!?"-Him
"Nah, I'd kinda rather be known for my own material..."-me

I have daydreams of being with famous Latin women, selling out the Forum, and my records going platinum!

But for now I need to stay away from those "pretty little damsels in distress"
'Cuz the last thing that I'm tryna deal with is those, "Andres we really need to talk" texts
But why would I wanna be dealing with your insecurities?
Truthfully all of that shit is a burden to me, seven years and it's finally occurring to me...
All the time that I wasted listening to girls complain I should've been working a little harder towards my music career

"You're talented thanks to God", that's what my father said to me,
"Now you're responsible for spreading positivity, and don't identify with body or the flesh... my son you are the soul"
"And money don't make you a king! And having women all up on you doesn't mean that you're the shit! And one day you ain't gon' be shit... especially if you give into the ignorance of wanting things, when you're up on a stage don't be the hero that they want, but what they need"
Track Name: Lucille 2
I used to care about a shawty that won't hit me up
I used to duck a cop whenever I would sell a nug but
Now now now now now when you're working so hard, it's impossible to care about the little shit
So I'm coming up in your town, playing up in your venue and I'm
Looking at them BBW's like, "Damn what's up on this menu"
But I'm really tryna stay focused, "Play my music's" really the purpose cuz these days "American Pop-Culture" ain't real music like...
I remember the days... Real bands on TRL, now days on TRL we got whack rappers that I'm not ever can even spell?
And they just press "play" on their own songs..
Mother Sound ain't been happy in so damn long

What we bout to do?
I suggest we stop paying attention to the fony shit and booty pics
What we bout to do?
Watch me play guitar baby you know the Brown Boy always got them "groovy licks"

I don't feel much these days
I'm just focused on the business side of things
"Romeo" can't play today, too much shit to do today

To all the industry people who said they didn't wanna fuck with me before I dropped Strange Memories, I couldn't tell you, "thank you" enough, cuz y'all not taking a cut, and now look!
I'm popping off more than the bands that you got!!
I think I really got this shit figured out now
I'm out here working like a single Dad of ten now
Everybody from my hometown's rocking out ot my sound, man they're all proud as fuck
So next time you mention Merle, Buck, and Korn, don't forget Andres Baby!

Don't ever sleep on me
Put my mutha fucking cd in the mutha fuckin player
Don't ever sleep on me
Stream my mutha fuckin songs on Spotify if you gotta
I ain't stopping till I'm big as Drake
I ain't stopping till I'm big as Justin Bieber
I ain't mutha fuckin stoppin' till I'm dead!
I ain't mutha fuckin stoppin', I'll be a mutha fuckin Legend!
I ain't stopping till I'm big as Usher
I ain't stopping till I'm big as Michael Jackson
I ain't mutha fuckin stoppin till I'm dead!
I ain't mutha fuckin stoppin', I'll be a mutha fucking LEGEND
Track Name: Romphims and Mimosas
White picket fence, back money loan
Two little kids, living in Seven Oaks
You stay at home, while I go to work
And when I come back at 4, we take off our clothes

I'm not sure if I find as much satisfaction in that life
Truthfully I party all night, me and my homies play shows like..
every month and in every country
I just love the "Road-Life", I don't want a routine of
Waking up to your morning breath, "hangover-less" and "hardly in debt"

But them bangs look good on you...
I wouldn't lie to you
"Eye-Liner" baby
Let's take a trip out to Vegas
Them bangs look good on you
I wanna lie on your
Jean skirt baby
I'd be lying if I ever said, "I don't think about us"

Tell me you don't see the "dead end" in chasing me as something "more than friends"
But I like when you come visit me
We don't fall asleep until it's 3am...
But you wanna argue how I haven't asked you to just be my lady
I tell you, "I'm busy!"
But truthfully I just want to be "Free", and flirt with the girls at the shows

But when I think about "Us"
I think we're better without "Us"
I think your mommy and daddy want you with somebody with car insurance
I think the "30 old" version of you wants somebody with life insurance
I think the "30 old" version of me would have already joined a circus
Here's your chance to be with someone else
Or be with me if all you really want is...

A heartwarming scene from the most miserable family in the world

I think I'll call you
Track Name: Saloon
I've looked real deep into your well
The water's clean and full as hell
I left her cuz I fell for you
My pretty christian girl it's true

You wanna get married in a hurry, a hurry
Well "fuck it" let's get married in a hurry, a hurry

When we first met you recommended I should be in school instead
You walked in my "Dusty Saloon"
My "Heart Eyes" pumping like cartoons
You're a God-sent woman and a good damn cook
A sexy ass dancer, girl I'm on your hook
You're a gotdamn scholar and you work two jobs
Now sit your ass down for this shoulder-rub

I've struggled with who I should be
But we deserve to be happy

Imagine when the time is just you and me and I stop for a sec cuz I get on my knees
Imagine when the time is just you and me and I hang up my cape, singing "songs of disease"
Track Name: Zombie
You got lame, bozo, bunch of suckas on your instagram
Why (do) you think a smart guy like me ain't talking about your ass
Of course you had to leave a smart guy like me in the past
Noisy halls and nightly brawls and all that jazz right after class
See only you would understand that that's "Chicago"
You like Stephen King novels, but these boys just buy you bottles
You're like Lex Luthor and Cobblepot, Poison Ivy smoking pot
But you just have to drop your drawers to make them dummies drop "them" jaws

I bet you think being sexy makes you super powerful
Messing with an average boy, your hearts up for collateral
Did I ever tell you I think that you're mind is powerful
Mami Chula... I want your brain

I'm a zombie for your body

I want your brains, plain and simple
Let me eat your brains and treat your body like a temple
Girl you've got so much to offer, why (do) I feel (like) I('ve) got a Bento
Heard you go to school way up north, can we meet in Sacramento?
uhhh How many boys do you know that'll meet you half way
Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and "grinding" whenever we go out to "play"
Tell me again! Tell me again!
Political Science and Stats, after that go to the gym and do squats
Your schedule's insane!
I want your brain....

I know you think sex is like a super power
Think about it more 'cuz that's a stupid power
I know you think sex is like a super power
Reach into your mind you got real super powers
Track Name: Spanish Mami
I fell in love the moment that I saw you in the club babe
Spanish Mami Heart Attack
I just had to talk to you baby..

Swiper no Swiping
Yo te digo baby, yo no soy un malo
just give me one baile
Yo se lo que piensas, este chico es muy suave
I'll take you in private
Telling me that you live far away but that couldn't stop me..

I would drive my ass out to Mexico for you Spanish Mami
Drogas y Pistolas, a mi no me importa Spanish Mami

Spanish Mami, met her up in central valley, in the Tower District, at a place called "Bobby's"
I told her she was pretty as fuck and I would die real hard if she didn't call me
I just noticed you've got pretty eyes... she says she's mixed with Filipino, I just wanna cry.. cuz
That's my favorite combination
This is still a "Spanish Mami Celebration"!
Body just like Jlo, face like Salma Hayek
We just chill in my car listening to music

Listening to Tory Lanez... made me feel some type of way...
I pull up in my Camry
I'm finna take you out to eat baby

Vente Pa Ca
Ya se que tu quieres bailar con El Mariachi
Puedo Tocar mi guitarra cuando necesites un Spanish Papi
Track Name: Self Aware(remix)

I offered my music to all of these labels
I offered my heart up to all of these models
and I got rejected by both, but you still see me up on stage
Doin' My Thang! Yeah yeah!
So come with me, I just might have the cure for your passion
I know your lacking inspiration but dat ass need a smackin!
There's a billion boys and a billion girls, and a billion songs, I think we're wasting time....

Like a dentist in Seattle are my antics hard to handle?
Unfortunately the money I should've spent on you... I spent it at the strip club:(

Congratulations! You're self aware
And you still idolizing dollar sign B****es
Congratulations! You're self aware
And yet you act against your own self interest

I told yo mama that she can rest assured, her girl's in "good hands"
and yo mama just smoked a cigarette and said,
"You're the man! what's the plan?'Cuz I know that you got arrested last week but my daughter just showed me your new shit and I think it's real neat so... If you really wanna make a name for yourself, I would suggest that you handle your alcohol before you kill yourself! Don't underestimate the influence that pussy-power has on you, boy you must be listening. Don't underestimate the influence! Don't be out here wasting your time on bad bi***es kissen' 'em!"

Congratulations! You're self aware
And you still idolizing dollar sign B****es
Congratulations! You're self aware
And yet you act against your own self interest
Congratulations! You're self aware
You're driving "wet and reckless" after the party?!
Congratulations! You're self aware
You're twenty three man why you at a high school party????!?

selena, it's been a while since I've seen yah
I booked my album release show up in Fresno, hoping my friends could meet yah
after the show I waited for you at Bobby's but you never came

It's funny 'cuz I've been more out of control than I've ever been in my whole life
And Sometimes I wonder if I would give all that shit up if you'd been by my side
It's funny 'cuz I could assume why you stopped talking to me and started to hide
It's funny that being aware of yourself doesn't make a "respectable guy"

Congratulations, yeah you fucked it up beyond belief
There's a pretty christian girl who likes you down the street
And she's baking cake for you without milk and eggs
You could be with her but you want "twitter girls" instead
Congratulations, yeah you're mommy bailed you out of jail, honestly you've never even seen a glimpse of "hell"
'Cuz your mommy and daddy supported you with hearts and their wallets, and you just spend their money on your drunken frolics

Congratulations you're self aware
Track Name: Reeks of Suburban Legend
I wanna be a hero
I wanna be a "Savior" for the ignorant
I wanna tell these girls that they don't have to put their bodies on the internet
But here I am in this private room
I ain't preaching shit to Chelsea up in "Deja Vu"
I wanna be a "Hero"
I want to inspire you not to desire materials
I wanna put an end to glorifying pussy, money, weed, and living for a funeral
But here I am, at the bar with all my friends
I text her with just one eye open, "Send some nudes again"

Maybe I don't really have what it takes
Truthfully I love making mistakes
I can always recognize when it's wrong
Especially when the feeling is great

But I bet she felt great when she got a round of applause for her body
I bet he felt great when she let him see it all after the party
I bet he felt great when he got a round of applause from his homies
Maybe we're chasing these feelings cuz feelings don't make us feel lonely

But now she feels lonely... they don't want "her" they just want her body
And now he feels lonely his "homies" could give a fuck less if he's drowning
Now I'm out on the street... I don't have enough cash for a taxi
It's 3am in San Fransisco I just spent $400 on Chelsea
But I got enough cash for a Bart Ticket
I start walking out in the dark
Wishing that I could be more like a "Hero"
Right now I'm a villain...
Track Name: Boys in the Van
Darling I know you think you can trust me
I don't even trust me
A year ago I moved to Orange County
But "Bakersfield Habits", yeah they die slowly...
I'm not even tryna make me out to be a "victim"
I know being drunk as fuck's not a good reason
I can seek your pity telling you, "I've got problems"
But me being selfish as fuck's not a real problem

the drugs
the drugs
you know we've got the drugs
the lust
the touch
we'll know just what killed us

And why should I even be with you when I can't be faithful? I mean...
The first week that we started dating, yeah I hung out with Rachel...
Right now you're tryna call me, but I don't feel like picking up
I know you think I'm a "good boy" when I'm on tour, but right now we're sniffing stuff
We claim that we do it for the "music"
But everyday we're out here seeking pleasure
I can seek your pity telling you, "business is rough"
But truthfully I know that I don't deserve your love

I remember being 10 and having dreams of being a "Rockstar"
I remember being 12 and having dreams of being a "Husband"
But these days I have more fun at the party, than the show
These days I have less fun with you, than all of these hoes
Track Name: Poetry
I know I'm the villain in your poetry

I never said I'd stay with you like this until the end of time
Sometimes I even wonder if you're wasting mine...
Or maybe I'm wasting yours?
And I'm not saying that me laying here with you right now ain't nice...
But I should be out saving lives

Your uncle said that he would kill me if I'd ever "let you down"
I can't wait for him to come prove it to me when that comes around
See some people they grow together and some people grow apart
Does your uncle even realize he's threatening a star?

I know I'm the villain in your poetry

"I wasn't perfect but I made life worth it"
You would show up to the movie theatre while I'm working
Wait 'till I get off... we'd waste a little time in the bathroom stall
So you would never play the "Blame Game" with me when you heard I'm touring
And the truth is I don't fall in love the way I used to fall in love was so outrageous
And the truth is I would give up anything including you just to be famous
And I'll be damned if I die as your man and not a "Hero"
The one I was destined to be

I know I'm the villain in your poetry
But I'ma be a hero when they notice me

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